Order of Twilight


Platforms, magic, and colorful ponies


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Order of Twilight is a fun platform game that puts you in control of a beautiful pastel-colored pony, who has to beat a series of levels with the help of magic and an invaluable book of spells.

To cast a spell, you need to enter a sequence of controls in the correct order. For example, to conjure a small box (which you can then climb on top of to help you reach high places) you have to enter: up, right, down, left. Other spells, like stopping time, have more complicated sequences.

Using your spells, it's possible to do everything from jump to attack enemies, as well as overcome the many obstacles in your path. There are spike traps, crushing ceilings, goblins, and tons of other dangers that are out to get your colorful hero.

Order of Twilight is a fun platform game which, thanks to its unique spell system, has something more to offer than your standard jumping/attacking platform game. It's truly enjoyable.
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